Tomo Asaha
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Background information

Birth Name

Tomo Asaha


September 29




Guitarist, songwriter, looking pretty.



Years active


Associated acts

Voyage,If,NIL,Piece,Chocolate Syrup,Unknown Frequency, Echostream, Shahidah Omar


Tomo Asaha (born September 29) is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Life and CareerEdit

Tomo began playing guitar in high school and soon rose to the top of the music scene in Osaka, Japan. His first visual rock band, Voyage, was produced by Mr. Aki, the manager for Dir en Grey. On the verge of being signed to Scube records, the band split up, and He made another visual band,If. After this band, Tomo soon moved on to help found NIL, another visual rock band that sold out show after show. After NIL split up, Tomo joined a pop band named Piece, which he had helped as a support guitar member since April, 1999. After Piece broke up, He began working with Tony, and they soon formed Unknown Frequency, an electronic rock band signed to GIZA Music. During this time, Tomo and Tony, along with Ryoko, also began working on ideas which would soon become echostream. He also worked on a musical project named Chocolate syrup (pop band), played guitar for Rina Aiuchi (top selling artist from GIZA studio), and The Gemaniac (a pop band made by GIZA studio producer, Deron Reynolds). From 2004, Tomo started working as a live guitarist with Zoey who is a singer from Colombia Records. In 2006, Tomo relocated to the New York area to bring his unique vision to the United States. It his here where echostream has found it's voice. They have released two albums, Identity, and The Duality of Courage, and have been featured on the FX channel. He started performing with Shahidah Omar since 2009. and He played TV Show "The Bonnie Hunt Show" with her on April 28th.[1]






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