"Dali Thought"


October 21,2005




various locations


Rock, alternative




Force of Change Records




Tony Grund

Dali Thought is the forth song on Echostream's debut album, Identity.


Underneath the land,

I can feel my vein is growing

You can see my world,

but it's okay the blood it falls like rain

When I hear the moon,

I listen to the breath of the ocean

Can you hear my voice,

I am proud to be a part of you

I have seen this before

I have touched this before

Wash away, wash away all the impurities

Wash away, wash away everything

All around the world,

Dali thought he knew my secrets,

but I'm like a bird

Fly away from you with every breath

I have smelled this before

I've tasted this before

Run away, run away to the mountain shore

Run away, run away with me

Come again, come again to the other side

Come again, come again in me

Music VideoEdit

thumb|right|300px|"Advent Children Dali Thought" by Aviana251 Although no official music video was made, several fan music videos were made. The most popular being by Aviana251. The video was made with clips from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The video was eventually promoted by Echostream on their myspace. Since then the video has recieved positive reviews and has recieved over 7,000 views.

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